Venture Capital Research

venture_capital_researchSA Business Plans boasts a portfolio of private Venture Capital investors and Business Angels through our unique relationship with the Investors Network, a South African based business community for investors and entrepreneurs where business ideas get funded. This puts us in a prime position to assist you when seeking business funding.

The current economic climate makes it more difficult to secure finance from banks and other traditional sources of finance. Venture capital investors brings not only funding solutions to your business but also valuable know-how and experience if they are involved with the management of the business. Some of our investors become involved in the management of the business while others are silent partners in the business venture providing the company with funding in return for a stake in the business’ future profits.

We review numerous owner managed businesses, private company investment and acquisition opportunities on a continuous basis. We present your business as a unique offer with an insight into investment opportunity presented by your business plan. Clients and prospective investment partners are introduced to each other after understanding the needs and intentions of both parties based on their investment criteria (e.g., geography, industry, etc.).

To discuss current opportunities from within our network, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly by filling in the contact form above or by visiting the Investors Network.