Business Coaching

Business Coaching

SA Business Plans offers a business coaching and turnaround service to assist entrepreneurs in business to enhance their business and develop it into a more successful venture. The service is rendered by one of our experienced consultants at your business premises. These business consultants have a wealth of business experience and have dealt with SME businesses in trouble for a number of years.

There are 2 phases to the service: The first phase consist of a consultation / investigation into your business with a view to produce a report with oakley sunglasses recommendations on improvements that could be made as well as an analysis of the activities that the business already fare well in. The second phase consist of an ongoing business coaching service in which cheap oakleys you the entrepreneur are able to call on our consultant to assist with the implementation of the recommendations referred to in the improvement / turnaround report.

The main areas that the report will focus on are:

Marketing: This section of the report looks at market and marketing related issues. Attention is given to the business’s products and services, their competitive advantage and the definition of the target market and how the business is cheap authentic jerseys communicating with that market.

Production / không HR: This part of the report looks at the capacity and competencies within the business. It includes an analysis of the organogram, fixed asset capabilities and effectiveness, location of the business and effectiveness of procurement procedures.

Administration: The report also looks at compliance and reporting aspects of the business and its response to the PEST environment. In this section of the report the business’ internal and external reporting and procedures are analysed and recommendations are made to ensure that the business owner / management is able to manage the business and evaluate the effects of changes made from the feedback produced by the reporting system.

Management: The final section of the report deals with the effectiveness of the management of the business. In SMEs the management of the business is normally the same as the owners of the business or they are closely oakley outlet related. Care should be taken to distinguish between the interest of the business and those of its owner / management. For this reason it is important to look at the reason why the business exists and what the intentions of the owner are with the business.

The service is oakley outlet delivered in the following manner:

  • After receiving a request (Please use the enquiries form below) to engage this service the SA Business Plans’ enquiries team will engage with you and produce a quote for approval.
  • When the quote is accepted an initial questionnaire will be send to you for completion. The initial questionnaire will enable the consultant to prepare for the site visit canada goose coats trillium Canada Goose expedition parka outlet fake.
  • An appointment will be set-up to enable the consultant to visit the business and conduct interviews and see the business premises.
  • After the site visit a draft report will be produced for commentary before it is finalised.

Should there be a need for the business coaching service these coaching sessions are delivered in a package of 3, 6 or 10 coaching sessions which can be delivered through weekly, monthly or bi-monthly contact sessions.

For feedback from entrepreneurs that have used the service see our feedback received section.

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