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Business Planning Guide

businessplanningguide_smallSA Business Plans Business Planning Guide is a must have tool for every business engaged in it’s planning phase. The guide will show support you in proving the feasibility of your venture and express your business strategy in a clear and concise manner. The guide will further support you to prepare and present your business plan in such a way that convince investors will be convinced of the opportunity to invest in your venture.

The Business Planning guide will help you to identify which factors to include in your business plan such as key indirect competitors, barriers to entry, operational challenges and past accomplishments, while showing a clear understanding of customer needs through your research findings and feasibility studies.

The Guide will furthermore highlight each of the key sections of the business plan and what to include here for maximum effect. Click here for the free business plan guide

Common Planning Errors

SA Business Plans Business Planning errors guide will ensure that you don’t make the common mistakes flagging up immediate concerns from investors and bankers.

Examples may be something like not considering indirect competition or neglecting to stress first mover advantage, which will quickly put your business plan’s credibility in question.

This guide will help you to identify these amateurish errors and ensure your business plan receives the serious consideration it deserves. Click here for the free Common Planning Errors guide

Bond Start-up

The SA Business Plans Beyond Start-up guide takes a sneak peak at what to expect once your business is up and running. Its important to look beyond the investment you are looking for now as it’s long term sustainability and success which will really bring your vision into reality.

The guide will highlight the various stages and challenges ahead of you with valuable case study contributions to further prepare you for what lies ahead. Click here for the free Beyond Start-up guide

Market Research Guide

This SA Business Plans Market Research Guide was developed by the researchers of SA Business Plans to provide new firms with tools and techniques to find key information so crucial when aiming to express the competitive advantages in both a business plan as well as when competing in the marketplace.

This easy to read guide with little of the jargon found in traditional research manuals will help you to uncover new market and profit opportunities, better understand your current and future customers and coactively respond to and overcome potential competitors.

This report pinpoints key tools that will ensure accurate and usable information while identifying the pitfalls to avoid, in modern market research. Click here for the free Market Research guide


Legal Issues At Start-up Guide

SA Business Plans Legal issues at start-up is your must have, free guide on the legal requirements and needs of new and existing ventures in South Africa.

This, to good to be true, guide will provide you with documentation and guides on patents, tax, VAT as well as a range of contracts and agreement templates, taking much of the headache and legal expenses out of your first days as a new venture while ensuring peace of mind.

With so many of our past clients complaining about the legal cost of starting and enquiring about the availability of this type of information.

SA Business Plans have gone one step further in meeting the needs of new ventures and are now offering this information absolutely free of charge. Click here for the free Legal Issues at Start-up guide

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